Never Have I Ever . . .

Never have I ever shoplifted.
Nope, I've never shoplifted.  Matter of fact, when I was a teen / young adult, I was always worried that clerks would *think* I had dastardly plans when I didn't.  So I probably seemed guilty 'cause I was already extra-conscious of my movements!  ;) 
Never have I ever fainted.
Nope, never.
Never have I ever hitchhiked.
Apparently I did, when I was about 4/5 years old!  One of my Montessori school teachers rented a little cabin from my folks (on our property), and she and I were on our way home when the car broke down.  Mama Pea may be able to add more to the story, but my young teacher decided to hitchhike (with me in tow, natch) home! Needless to say, I don't think Mama & Papa Pea were well pleased with her.  Thank goodness it was the (more innocent?) '70s!
Never have I ever gone surfing.
Nope, never!  I don't think I have a great sense of balance, so such an attempt would be disastrous, I suspect.  ;)

Never have I ever gone vegan.

Umm, no.  Give up cheese?  Butter?  I think not.
Never have I ever bungee jumped.
And I never will!!!  For some odd reason, I can contemplate sky-diving (?!!!) but not, no way, bungee jumping.  Which makes no sense.  Besides, I'm scared of heights.  But I love flying.  Hmmmmm.
Never have I ever ridden an animal.
Oh, you mean, like, an emu?  Nope, never an emu.  Or an elephant.  Or a Komodo dragon.  But a horse, yes.  Donkey, yes.  Just not well.

Never have I ever broken a bone.

True!  I've never broken a bone!  I *should* have, a couple of times, but I come from a long line of strong-boned women (and men)!
Never have I ever dined and dashed.
Uh, no.  WTH, people?!
Never have I ever jumped from a roof.
See above about heights.  ;)
Never have I ever tasted cat food.
Gross!  But I do remember tasting my dog's dry food with a girlfriend at a sleepover in my early teens.
Never have I ever eaten anything uncooked.
I.  Love.  Sushi.  Also, it's a trick question:  veggies!  ;)